Gasporox performs IPO ahead of planned listing on Nasdaq Firsth North.


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Laser to help premature babies



GASPOROX develops system for lung monitoring of pre-term babies within Eurostars project



Märta Lewander Xu appointed new CEO after ownership changes.


GASPOROX in Advanced Packaging world

"Advanced Packaging World, The journal of advanced packaging technology" devoted an article to the technology of Gasporox in vol 2, issue 17, 2014. The features of TDLAS as well as the need of monitoring package headspace is pictured. Advancements within spot-checking instruments as well as the on-going EU-supported in-line development project are described. 


New spot check instrument for headspace gas analysis

The new GPX-1000 spot-check instrument for oxygen gas headspace analysis is available for ordering. Read more here.


Kick-Off of new EU project

November marked the start of a new EU project that GASPOROX is participating in. The project is within the EU FP7 framework and aims to develop “Innovative non- intrusive laser gas sensors on food production for real time quality/safety in line control of food packaging and bottling systems”. There are 10 different companies and academic institutions partaking in the project that runs over three years.



Report from new benchmark test, results very good

A study comparing the performance of the GASPOROX GAS PI1 headspace gas analyser with a commercially available intrusive fluorescence based oxygen-sensing technology has been carried out. The test was performed on opaque Tetra Pak Evero Aseptic packages containing milk, with headspace oxygen varying between 3 and 21 percent. The part of the light transmitted by the GASPOROX GAS PI1 through the package was about 0.0001%, as compared to the very much higher rate needed for fluorescence technology. To achieve the required transmission for the fluorescence measurement, a transparent glass window was glued at a drilled hole in the cap. For the GASPOROX GAS PI1 instrument no sample preparation was required. The results showed a strong correlation between the measurement data for the two instruments, R2  = 0.9982, and the differences between the two instruments was within ±0.5% points over the whole oxygen concentration range.



During the last couple of months GASPOROX has expanded with regards to both human resources and technical equipment. A new laboratory allows GASPOROX to offer service measurements to customers as well as provide an effective development tool for packages and products. Both market department and product
development group has been strengthened and we welcome Arefeh Mousavi, Joan Sandberg, Bjarne Solberg and Johannes
Swartling to our team.


Ingemar Kihlström appointed new chairman of the board at GASPOROX

GASPOROX announce the appointment of its new chairman of the executive board. Ingemar Kihlström is a strategic adviser to companies in Life Sciences and has an extensive background thereof. He is an associate professor in physiology from the University of Uppsala and has long experience from the pharmaceutical industry in leading positions in Astra and Pharmacia as well as from the financial sector at Aros Securities and AGB Sundal Collier. The last ten years he has served as a board professional in both companies, active both in Life Sciences as well as in the financial sector.


GASPOROX Receives 2.3 Million SEK from VINNOVA

GASPOROX receives 2.3 million SEK from VINNOVA for development of a non-destructive gas measuring system for food packages. 


Launch of GASPOROX Measurement Service

GASPOROX provides a unique technology for non-destructive measurement of gas inside test samples. We have now built up a laboratory and launched a measurement service. A contract measurement gives you the opportunity to explore our technology and carry out measurements on your samples. In a cost-efficient manner we can support you in your process optimization or in your research and development. We design the measurement service in accordance to your special needs and provide quick results.
Read more about our Measurement Service.


GASPOROX Receives Design Check from SVID

Swedish Industrial Design Foundation has decided to assign GASPOROX 150 000 SEK to use for the design of a device for measuring gas in sinuses. The instrument can be used as a diagnostic aid for physicians at suspected sinusitis. In tough competition GASPOROX was one of the companies that shared the assigned 2 million SEK.


Prof. Sune Svanberg Awarded by His Majesty

Professor Sune Svanberg, one of the founders of GASPOROX technology, is rewarded with His Majesty's award for his successful achievements within laser spectroscopy. Sune Svanberg is active in GASPOROX as Member of the Board and also is a part of the research team.
Read more on; www.kungahuset.se