The LeakSpect™ sensor series is a completely non-destructive and non-intrusive inspection sensor solution for detecting leaks of carbon dioxide from packages. 

You set the treshold for the leaks and the sensor detects extremely small holes in packages like bags,  canisters, cans and other packages made by various types of material.

Gasporox sensors are delivered with Gasporox measurement concept meaning we work with you to ensure best performance, so the below specification is made general as the LeakSpect™ CO2 sensor will be custom modified to perfectly fit your inspection- and production line.

Product sheet for LeakSpect™ CO2 Sensor


Gasporox sensors are delivered with Gasporox measurement concept, meaning our team will support your integration to ensure that we meet your requirements and that the sensor(s) are optimized for your package and machine configuration. Together with you, we will ensure the best performance for your combination of product, package and machine. 

Powered by and with Gasporox inside, there is no optical noice, but a perfect solution.

100 % Quality Control

The increased use of modified atmosphere packaging have resulted in a need for quality check of 100 % of products delivered to the consumer.

Gasporox offers sensors that can be incorporated into automated sampling solutions or production lines, thus enabling completely non-destructive quality check of the atmosphere in produced packages.