Material porosity is a relevant parameter in many production process with dry compounds. Actual porosity measurement technologies are using destructive methods. Several disadvantages are connected with the determination of the porosity. They require a lab to do additional steps like sample weighing, have a long measurement time, take a long time to be performed, are costly, are material dependent, have limited accuracy, can require handling of poisonous liquids etc.

The pharmaceutical production of tablets uses the porosity measurement as a relevant quality attribute. The routine measurement to comply with the GMP process, the scale process as well as the validation of equipment and process are demanding a faster, easier and more reliable measurement technology.

Gasporox is highly specialize in the development and application of optical spectroscopy. The combination of GASMAS (GAs in Scattering Media Absorption Spectroscopy) and TOF (Time Of Flight) sensors allows measuring the optical porosity of ribbons produced by a roller compactor in the process of the tablet production. The non-destructive at line instrument is fast, accurate and easy to use. No special sample preparation is required. No lab with additional instruments needs to be available and the measurement can be done at line by an normal line operator.

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